Theme Parks

From inviting attractions to various rides and games for entertainment purposes, a theme-based amusement park attracts a wide audience from all over the world to come and cisit its unique offerings. Most amusement parks are centred around a common theme. The theme park also includes temporary and mobile funfairs, carnivals, and attraction-filled playground. These amusement parks are contructed in a manner that makes them stationary and durable for a long time.

Key Projects

Our upcoming theme park in Goa promises to offer attractions such as a massive animal kingdom with animatronic installations, along with a a massive aquarium for children and adults alike with an wide array of aquatic life.

This quaint town made by wood traders along the Surya river will soon be shaken with buzz of an epic new theme park that will soon grace its residents. The residents are in for an unforgettable ride of their life.

History is about to be rewritten with an upcoming theme park installation that will soon put Aurangabad on the map of India's best amusement parks.

A meteor hit this quiet Maharashtrian town more than 50,000 years ago and history was made. Now, thousands of years later, the town will witness another groundbreaking change, with an upcoming amusement park that will another reason for Lonar to be known.